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A Dutch girl painting & celebrating rural village life in Romania 



My name is Eveline Bervoets [my last name is pronounced as ‘barefoots’ :)] and I was born thirty four years ago in the Netherlands.

Recently I’ve started illustrating the world around me, which has changed quite a bit since I moved six years ago from my Dutch home town to a small village in northern Romania. My boyfriend and I started a new life in Breb and together with our four year old daughter and one year old son we now live in a traditional wooden farm on the edge of the village, at the foot of a beautiful mountain.


Village life

Daily life here made me slow down instantly while its pace seems to follow the rhythm of nature and the seasons. The way of life in the village is very pure and self reliant, almost like stepping back in time. To me, the villagers are very inspiring, with all their present knowledge and skills that we often seem to have long forgotten. I’m learning every day and spending all my time in this natural environment feels like finding small treasures around every corner.



Making things with my hands is something I have done since I can remember and it always makes me feel being a child again, like playing. In my twenties this playing got a bit more serious when I spent four years at the Amsterdam university of the Arts where I’ve had the opportunity to explore lots of different techniques and disciplines.

Now being here, making illustrations about the daily village life, I feel even more connected with the land and its people, observing and indulging every tiny bit around me. Aiming to capture the atmosphere and essence of this life in my own way gives me a lot of peace and and above all a lot of joy. I hope the beautiful piece of world here will shine through my paintings and  inspire you as well, enjoy!



Do you like to experience the real world behind my illustrations? You can come and visit Breb! Take a look at our backyard campsite and rural hostel Babou Maramures. I would be happy to welcome you here :).