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Kitchen stories


An ode to the kitchen. Often the place in every house that is treasured most. Cause of its cosiness, delicious smells, comfort and warmth. Whether tidy or messy, a kitchen is usually honest, real & alive. Almost like a person, a character of it’s own. It’s where people gather, come together,eat, cook, talk, drink, laugh, argue, discuss, joke and sit silent while there’s only the sound of the kettle boiling.

That’s why I love them so much, they are just there for us. Always. And I didn’t even mentioning the stoves yet :). A fire within, giving warmth and light, glowing like a safe haven in the harbour.

Kitchens and all that’s in there tell us stories, many stories that I just love to capture. Especially when nobody is there, the kitchen left for a few minutes to be on its own, patiently waiting for its inhabitants to return :). 


New year, new balance


Hello 2018! Welcome to a new year! Picking up my brushes and pencils after a three week break feels very refreshing. Warming up with some tea pots {I think one can never have enough of them ;). } I feel happy to start again.

But something very important I have realised more and more in the past moments, is that time is so precious and so well spend off-line. The on-line world is often something so dual. Loving the ability to share what I make, getting so inspired by others, appreciating the support and interaction. But at the same time the longing for silence, focus and less distraction.

My aim this year will be to keep the balance in both worlds, to be productive, inspired and connected in a healthy and enjoying way. Oh and let’s not forget about the tea  Lots of tea sipping from lovely teapots (to me they represent ultimate calmness :)! )

Winter holidays


Today will be the last day of the year that my shop will be open, I will be back on the 8th of January. I would like to thank you so much for all your orders the past weeks, I have been blown away by your enthusiasm! Your support for my work makes me really happy, it means a lot that what I make is appreciated :).

Last but not least I wish you wonderful winter holidays, cosy, with some stillness within and real togetherness. Not so much about all that food or presents, but spending time making memories. Moments to treasure, however they will come and be there. At least that’s my aim ;). Enjoy your last days of 2017 and have a wonderful start of 2018! See you in three weeks :).



New portraits


After lots of other work besides painting it is now time to pick up my brushes again. Trying out new things and see where that will bring me :). Here the start, two new portraits, something that has been on my mind for long. Experimenting with less is more. More or less ;).


Giclée prints


Finally these two big illustrations are ready! I have started both these paintings in the midst of summer and now they are finished and professionally printed. I really love how the prints turn out each time, they look so real, exactly like the originals.

The giclée printing technique is time consuming and very precise, but they result is so beautiful. The paper is the same quality as I paint on, slightly textured and the inks are real pigment based, which makes sure the colours are intense, alive and fade proof. Big thanks to my fine art printing specialist! All my illustrations are print in small quantities and each print comes signed. These ones are now listed in my shop as well as three others.


New goodies!


Yes! Finally. New items in my shop! Cards, prints, bags and old favourites are restocked. I have even added some originals! And I ship for free the whole month of December. Happy holidays :)! 


Winter cards


My new winter cards ‘Cosy winter‘ are now available in my shop! To me winter is all about snuggling up at the fire place, with a book and a cup of tea, with your loved ones and enjoy the quiet cosy moments indoors at home. I wish you lots of those moments this winter, as they are often so precious and perfect times to be still, to reflect on life, recharge and just be. Enjoy!

Back home


After two weeks of sunshine, salty sea air, swimming, mountain wandering, sleeping, sipping ice cold frappé’s and most of all just being together and enjoy the timelessness of lazy days, I am all revived and happy to be back in my own place. Coming home after a trip abroad always makes me feel thankful, like I see everything in a new light. I can see the joy of daily rhythm, which has it’s own pace and gives a certain feeling of comfort and preciousness. Being away for some time, even if it’s only some days or weeks, opens my eyes and ears, not only for the new places I visit but also how I experience my own home. A special place, like none other, for me, just the right one at this moment in my life. And that feeling of belonging is something magical that I treasure even more, each time when coming back home again. 

On a rare rainy morning in the mountains, I made this little family portrait of the grandparents and uncle of the owner of the 200-old year Cypriot house we were staying. A place with a heart and soul and where history felt so alive. Although I always struggle with resemblance (it is certainly not my strength :)! ) I really enjoyed painting these people of forgotten times and imagined their own story. How each person has his or her time and place and purpose of being. It transported me straight back in time, and for a moment I felt like I was there with them.

Now, back in 2017 ;), in Breb, in my own place & space, I am ready for new things to make, share and explore, can’t wait to start! 


Short break


I am off for a little break! We have been working like busy bees the past 7 months here at Babou and now we take time to catch some breath ourselves :). Looking forward of days doing a little bit of nothing… See you in two weeks with new works (I will be finishing up this piece and make it a print), new items and a fresh mind!


New website!


I gave my website a fresh look! I feel like this new one fits my illustrations the best, to show you all the projects I have been working on for the past two years. There’s a lot to click & there’s all sorts of new image material to discover. Also I’ve added some video’s and two new tabs. One is about my ‘inspiration‘ and location, the other is this one: ‘news‘! To keep you updated of my work, projects, events and whatever exciting will be there to follow :).  I hope you like what you see, so enjoy!


Work in progress


A sneak peek of my new series of winter cards! I chose for cosy indoor scenes this year to celebrate the simple things in life that are oh so precious. I will have them ready for sale in the first week of December, so stay tuned :).

 Maramures Balloon Fiesta


My illustration series for Maramureș Balloon Fiesta 2017 was one of my most dreamy commissions so far. The festival celebrates the beauty and values of Maramures while about 60 hot air balloons make magical flights over the area for anyone who wish to see Maramures from above. My cards are for sale at the festival stand!